Activities of the Past: 
What might families or children do during their leisure?

Make a Fraktur!

 Look closely at our Nash House Fraktur then design your own Fraktur certificate using our handouts as a guide.

Examples and historical background handout here. 

Old English Calligraphy lettering and Fraktur sample here

cemetery Brown.jpg
Oak Grove Cemetery Walk

What can we learn by exploring Oak Grove Cemetery? Use our map to locate notable Delaware residents. Design a 19th-century tombstone. 

Oak Grove Cemetery website 

Link handouts here.

 19th and 20th century Games

Recess was a part of the school day even in the 1800s. What might you play? 

19th and 20th century games handout link here. 

East-Winter-St-historical society.jpg
A Walk through Downtown Delaware

Delaware is rich in history. Take a walk through downtown Delaware and nearby streets. Read the historical markers (see map) and notice architectural styles. Draw your own building or city block



Early settlers wove their clothes and coverlets. First, sheep were shorn, wool was carded (cleaned), dyed, and spun into yarn before the yarn was woven into an item. 

What can you weave and how do we weave? 

Word Search More info.

Sheep, wool, natural dyes, and weaving information here. 

Bicycle Tour of Delaware's Historical Markers

Ready for an adventure? Grab some friends and ride your bicycles on this tour of Delaware's historic markers. Can you find all 17 markers? Here is a handout that will guide your trip. Follow bicycle traffic rules and wear a helmet! Map.  Markers are identified by red heart pins. 

Teachers: Use this resource to help students synthesize their learning by writing their own historical markers. HERE