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Early Ohio Cultures & Native Americans

One State-Many Nations-Prehistoric Ohioans

This short video briefly describes where and how the early Ohioans lived. 

Safe YouTube video link.

Virtual Early Ohioans

Ohio History Connection's website introduces us to archeology and seven groups of early Ohio cultures.  Virtual Early Ohioans.

What Do We Know about the Mound Builders?

Do you want to know more about archeology, the Mound Builders, and the artifacts found around the Mounds? This arts-integrated lesson plan guides students learning through discussions, writing, and drawing activities.

Lesson plan is found at The Art Curator for Kids.

Three Sisters Garden

The Lenni Lenape tribes that lived here in Ohio were farmers and hunters. The American Indians were excellent farmers and developed the three sisters garden using squash, beans, and corn. Each vegetable helped the other grow resulting in delicious crops. Come see our Three Sisters Garden at The Barn at Stratford, part of the Meeker Homestead, at 2690 Stratford Road in Delaware, Ohio in the summer and early fall. 

Welcome to the Lenape Talking Dictionary.

Lenape Talking Dictionary.

Learn Lenape words!

greenville treaty line clip.jpg
historic pamphlet.jpg


RRCSPamphlet printed by the Ohio Historical Society. 

Along the Ohio Trail

This booklet, published by the auditor of the state of Ohio, covers the early history of the Ohio lands. Click here to download

Along the Ohio Trail booklet.jpg
American Indian Lenni Lenape lesson Plan
Francine Butler in her Lenni Lenape costume.jpg

The Delaware and Lenni Lenape tribes lived in Delaware County until the early 1800s. They interacted with the European settlers and were a vibrant part of the Delaware economy. This lesson plan gives background information about the culture and traditions of these people. The interdisciplinary lesson is geared for grades 4-8 and offers students a choice of a number of projects to demonstrate their understandings. 

Cultural Communities Prehistoric to 1770 Timeline 

prehistoric to historic timeline.jpg
Francine Butler call and response with buffalo drum.jpg
Cultural Communities: Early Settlers and American Indians 1770-1850

What cultures were represented during the early days of our county's history? What were some of their difficulties? How did they interact? This program gives insight into the lives of the early European settlers and American Indians. The reenactors speak in the words of the historical figures taken from their diaries, newspapers and other accounts from the time. 

This video won the Ohio Local History Alliance award for public programs 2021. For a link to the video, please email DJ Sanfillipo at



This teacher packet helps you prepare your class for the Early Settlers and American Indians program and includes the agenda, academic learning standards, timelines, vocabulary, maps, follow-up activities.

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