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Upcoming Child/Teen Workshops

The Delaware County Historical Society will be offering several workshops this year. Please register on Eventbrite.

Fees and times of events vary. Seats are limited.

These workshops correspond with Meeker Homestead First Sundays Open Houses.   

Please check back for updates.


SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2023


Fee:  $15 per child

Tickets are limited to 2 sessions of 10 children each.

SESSION A  1:00-2:25 PM  (10 slots)

Eventbrite Listing – 1:00 PM SESSION:

SESSION B   2:30-4:00 PM (10 slots)

Eventbrite Listing – 2:30 PM SESSION:


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the class start. 

Ages 9 and up with an accompanying adult

Discover the history and beauty of silhouettes and Frakturs,

early 18th and 19th century American folk arts, for this

May open house! Please join us at the Barn at Stratford on

Sunday, May 7th. Participants will design and color their own

Fraktur and create a keepsake silhouette self-portrait to take

home. Museum volunteers will be on hand to guide these 

special activities, and a yummy treat will round out the fun!

All materials will be provided for these drawing and cutting


What is a Silhouette?

Silhouettes are named after Étienne de Silhouette,

a French finance ministerToday we make unique

silhouettes with black paper cut into the shape of the

model's outline. The black paper is glued onto a light


What is a Fraktur?

This traditional folk art describes life events such as  births, deaths,

baptisms, and weddings.  These certificates are similar to those 

first created in Switzerland by government officials in the 1600s.  

As Swiss and German immigrants arrived in Ohio and                                                     

Pennsylvania, the Fraktur art form grew in the USA.

The Delaware County Historical Society owns this

beautiful Fraktur that celebrates the birth of Michael

Gross in 1791. It was brought to Ohio in a chest when

his family moved to Delaware County, You will notice

that Frakturs combine calligraphic writing, colorful

borders, and simple motifs or designs.

We are thrilled to welcome our Fraktur back from

restoration by Jamison Conservation. This process was supported by an Ohio Arts Council Grant. 


1-4 pm.

“Pioneer Fun and Crafting”

The Barn at Stratford

Participants will experience a bit of pioneer life while playing 19th century games and doing folk crafts Activities include tin smithing, marbling paper, and the creation of mini “floor cloths.” 



1-4 pm.

“Down on the Farm”

Sheep shearing and weaving? Yes! Children will experience a bit of early American life at the Meeker Homestead Museum, Sunday, September 3rd, from 1-4 pm.! Participants will discover how sheep are sheared in our live demonstration, as well as watch demonstrations of carding, spinning, and period weaving on our early 19th century Barn Loom by our special guests from the Central Ohio Weaving and Fiberarts Guild.

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