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Early Settlers

Archaeological Dig
Walk with an Archeologist

Are you an archeologist? Do you like to dig in the dirt? Find things that are lost? Put pieces together?

Figure out stories from clues? Learn about the past? These are all things archeologists do—maybe you're one, too!  Archeology is tons of dirt-digging, story-telling, mystery-solving fun. Like you, many archeologists caught the archeology bug as kids. Get started by looking through this site.

Dig in! to more activities here. 

 What is an artifact? 

Along the Ohio Trail booklet.jpg
Along the Ohio Trail
This booklet, published by the auditor of the state of Ohio, covers the early history of the Ohio lands. Click here to download

Cultural Communities of Delaware County: Early Settlers and American Indians  1770-1850

Francine Butler call and response with buffalo drum.jpg
Lesson Plans and Resources related to the Cultural Communities video program 

What cultures were represented during the early days of our county's history? What were some of their difficulties? How did they interact? This program gives insight into the lives of the early European settlers and American Indians. The reenactors speak in the words of the historical figures taken from their diaries, newspapers, and other accounts from the time. Nine vignettes including William Little, Laura Carpenter, Reverend Finley, Benjamin Franklin Thomas, Dolly Bxybe, American Indian games, Drake's Defeat, Africa, Ohio, and dance inspired by Lenni Lenape traditions are narrated to guide the audience from 1770-1850 Delaware, Ohio. An artifact program with items people of this time period would have used is linked at the end of the program.****This program won the 2021 Award for public programs from the Ohio Local History Alliance. 

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Cultural Communities Timeline 1770-1850

cultural communities timeline 1770-1850 .jpg

Lesson Plans and Resources related to Cultural Communities video program

     These pages include a bit of information                           about the Delaware County people:

              Stewart Crawford information

             Benjamin Franklin Thomas information

             William Little information

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Nancy Baxter as narrator.jpg
Francine Butler in her Lenni Lenape costume.jpg

This program was sponsored in part by the Ohio Arts Council, the Betty Sheets Family and the Delaware Foundation. 

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