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What do you know about the history of Delaware County, Ohio? Explore the resources in these pages and try some of the activities. Feel free to share your project activity on social media with the #LearnathomeDCHS or @DelawareCountyHistoricalSociety. We hope to see you at the Meeker Homestead, Nash House, or Cryder Library someday soon. 

      Local History                                                                        

Project Page 

    Delaware County Timeline                                                                                                                                

2       A Walk Through Downtown Delaware                                                                     

2       Then and Now                                                                                                             

2       Bicycle Tour of Delaware’s Historical Markers                                                       

         Local Family History Presentation by T.K. Cellar                                                     

3       The Flood of 1913- Brent Carson video,                                                                                 

1       Oak Grove Cemetery Walk-scavenger hunt, gravestone rubbings                      

3       Delaware County Fair                                                                                                  

3       Little Brown Jug                                                                                                            

2       Perkins Observatory, Star Charts. and the Big Ear                                                  

     Walk with an Archeologist- Dig in!                                                                                                                                 




Project Page 

2       Apple Head Doll                                                                                                             

1       Make a Fractur!-Certificates, Calligraphy, and Symbols                                          

1        Weaving -Looms, Wool and Drop Spindles                                                                                                                   1       19th and 20th Century Games                                                                                    

2       Family Journal- Suggestions on what to write, making your own journal, and historical diary entries. 
     Letter Writing- Beards or Beardless? Our Presidents, Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers read aloud with Miss Anna
3        Horse sculptures and Coloring pages                                                                          
     Math activities related to the Little Brown Jug                                                            
3       Women's Suffrage-Activity book and Coloring posters     

        Additional Links and Resources

  The Delaware County Historical Society (link)                                                                                                             Education Curriculum Support Committee (link)

       Reading Recommendations

Suggested books related to American history for grades K-8

         Artifact Cart Programs 

Artifact Cart Program Presentations including Slides, Presenter's Notes, and Lesson Plan with Rubrics and Extension Activities for Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3

Underground Railroad in Delaware County, Ohio

  • Driving Tour

  • Teacher Packet

  • Links to Outside Website

  • From Slavery to Freedom


       Delaware County Historical Society Videos

  • The Cellar Family History

  • William Little reenactment

  • The Meeker Homestead: A Brief Visit

  • The Nash House: A Brief Visit

  • What is an Artifact (also posted on the Artifact Cart Program page

  • The Flood of 1913

  • History of the Delaware Jail

  • The Delaware, Ohio Ghost Tour

      Rutherford B. Hayes

  •     Rutherford B. Hayes: A Journey Home by Delaware High School students

     Pioneer Days Ideas

  • DCHS's suggested list of Pioneer Day activities 

      Coming Soon!

Delaware County African American Interactive Timeline for Students


Early Schools


Africa, Ohio


Notable Delaware African Americans