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Cute Notebooks
Family Journal

Do you keep a journal? Journals are books where you can write about your life, or in this case, things happening with your family. You can tell a story, write a poem, draw out an event, or paste papers like a letter or ticket stub. Any book will do. You can buy one or make one, in fact, bookbinding is an art. Talk with your family and tell your story. You might start by writing about what your family has been doing during the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic. 

Suggestions on what to write, making your own journal, and historical diary entries are here.

From a diary during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. by Violet Harris, 15 years old:

                 " It was announced in the papers tonight that all churches, shows and schools would be closed until further notice, to prevent Spanish influenza from spreading. Good idea? I’ll say it is! So will every other school kid, I calculate. … The only cloud in my sky is that the [School] Board will add the missed days on to the end of the term."

Sound familiar?

Apple Head Dolls

Imagine living in Delaware 200 years ago. What would you do during the day? Most likely, you would attend school and do chores to help your family. Sound familiar? What toys would you have? Pioneer children didn’t have a lot of toys and would use natural resources found nearby such as nuts, twigs, corn husks, corn cobs, wood, and gourds were used to create their toys. Native American Indians taught many early settlers how to make apple head dolls. One such example is the apple head doll. Let's make an apple head doll!  

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Directions here or here.

flood photo.jpg
Delaware Flood Walk

A hundred years ago on March 29, 1913, a huge storm left the city of Delaware flooded. The flood took lives and greatly damaged Delaware and Powell. Today we have numerous safety features in place to keep this from happening again but we can walk along William and Union Streets and see the markers showing the height of the Olentangy River at its peak. 

Watch a video of a walk of the flood area with historian, Brent Carson.

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Letter Writing

Can you imagine life without telephones, email, or ZOOM calls?  In days gone by, people communicated through letter writing. Have you received a letter or package in the mail? Opening the mail can be the best part of the day. If you wrote a letter, to whom would you mail it?


Read excerpts of one letter an eleven-year-old girl sent to Abraham Lincoln. Her persuasive writing inspired Mr. Lincoln to grow a beard. 

Beards or Beardless? Our Presidents

Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers read aloud with Miss Anna.

More letter information here. 

Perkins Observatory, Star Charts and the Big Ear


Do you love to stare at the stars at night? On a cloudless night go outside and look at the sky. What do you see? What colors are the stars? Can you find a constellation? Have you seen the International Space Station travel across the sky?  There is so much to see and learn about space and the night sky. Hiram Perkins felt the same way. Have you visited the Perkins Observatory on SR 23 south of Delaware? This site is the second observatory built in Delaware. Check out their programs for families.

Learn about constellations. Make a star finder.

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