Then and Now in Delaware County

Then and Now

The city of Delaware, Ohio was established in1808 just five years after Ohio became a state. By 1808, numerous people lived in town and there were essential businesses. Since that time, the city has grown and changed quite a bit. Think about some of the changes since you were little. Many stores have come and gone, and new ones established. What else has changed over time?

Travel back in time as you view these slides. Put on your thinking cap and figure out where these businesses are and what business stands there today.

Have fun!

P.S. You may need the help of a parent or grandparent to discover the locations.

See the slideshow HERE.

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Archaeological Dig
Walk with an Archeologist

Are you an archeologist?

“Do you like to dig in the dirt? Find things that are lost? Put pieces together?

Figure out stories from clues? Learn about the past?

These are all things archeologists do—maybe you're one, too!

Archeology is tons of dirt-digging, story-telling, mystery-solving fun.

Like you, many archeologists caught the archeology bug as kids.

Get started by looking through this site."

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What is an artifact? 

Ohio's Women's Suffrage

Ohio women did not get the right to vote until 1920. Think about that. What year did our country start? When did Ohio become a state? How long was it until women were able to vote? 

National American Woman Suffrage Association was one group that lobbied, marched, and protested for the right to vote. Ohio women were actively involved in the struggle for suffrage and formed the Ohio Woman's Suffrage Association in the late 1800s. Ohio voters went to the polls in 1912 and voted on an amendment but the amendment did not pass until 1920. The Nineteenth Amendment states, "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."

Photos are here. 

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little brown jug image.jpg
Little Brown Jug

What is a Pacer? Well, I am not thinking of a student at a Delaware city school but rather, a race horse. Delaware, Ohio is the home of the Little Brown Jug harness race. 

A pacer is a Standardbred horse that runs with a specific gait. Pacers move the legs on one side of their body in together: left front and rear, and right front and rear. This action shows why pacers are often called “sidewheelers.”

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delaware county fair.png
Welcome to the Delaware County Fair

Who grows the largest pumpkin in the county? Who bakes the best pie? Which 4-H member raised a beautiful bunny?

These are some of the questions that are answered at our local county fair. You, too, can place your work in a display and competition.  Have you attended the Delaware County Fair? It is a fun, week-long event for people of all ages.  Games, animals, races, food, rides, and exhibitions. This year it will look a bit different and you may not be able to attend due to social distancing. If you can't go to the fair, you can learn about it and make your own neighborhood fair. Learn more here.